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One Note, Two Note

Interactive Education

One Note, Two Note is a two-part education piece that introduces the basics of listening to music and guides interested audiences through the personal journey of appreciating sound. Together, WAVES and Pup ‘n Swine interactively share the fundamentals of enjoying music. One Note, Two Note contains 60 minutes of total material that can be presented in a variety of durations and settings. Each part can be experienced as a separate program.

WAVES (20 min.) is an interactive performance and narrated story that introduces the basic terms for describing music, including “crescendo,” “staccato,” and many more. In WAVES, the characters Sound and Silence explore the variety of instrumental sounds through a theme and variations format. Designed for children, WAVES engages young audiences by pairing musical ideas with simple group movement exercises. WAVESculminates with each participant drawing a visual representation of their musical experience that gets added to a collective mural (15 min. activity).

WAVES performance at the Little Tokyo Library in Los Angeles, CA

WAVES performance at the Little Tokyo Library in Los Angeles, CA

A prequel to The Three Little Pigs fable, Pup n’ Swine (15 min.) introduces the “leitmotif” – a thematic musical device that associates melodies with characters and ideas. Original music and narration allow the audience to use fundamental music vocabulary to identify and internalize characters and themes within Pup n’ Swine. An animated video to Pup n’ Swine creates a contextual introduction to the story.

What people are saying!

"...I’m so thankful that WAVES found its way to us. I’ve always included crafts and singing, but WAVES allowed me to introduce and continue to explore the arts with young children. I’m a strong believer that WAVES is a powerful artistic presentation; an amazing tool for building a love of music and fine art in the minds of children."
Crystal Noe, Little Tokyo Library Children’s Librarian